The feeling of excitement from providing photography tuition and seeing such student success is inspiring. As photographers we all have varying aspirations of what we want to shoot with our cameras.
With this in mind, I’ve designed a range of inspirational photography courses aimed at improving your skills as a photographer.

Whether you are just starting out with your camera and who is taking the first steps with a DSLR and need to improve your technique or if you’re an advanced enthusiast looking to improve your skills and reach your full potential.
Photography courses can be in groups or on a one to one basis and are arranged in great locations.

The first few questions I get asked from aspiring photographers are: What settings should I have my camera at? What’s the difference between Manual and TTL and where should I place my light source? However, I design my photography workshops to meet the needs and expectations of the individual candidates that attend. This way the pace of the tuition and the overall knowledge that is presented and explained is fitting for each person with relevant knowledge gaps, which can be taught. The average person learns much more by seeing and practising, rather from reading.

The training workshops that I coordinate are aimed at a variety of camera owners with all levels of photography skill sets. The most popular courses are; The Basic Camera Handling skills day and Creative Flash Photography. One to One tuition is also taught for specific requirements such as interior photography, product photography and fundamentals of wedding photography.

BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP Sunday 22 May 2022 Arbroath Harbour £155

The basic camera-handling course is designed for new and less experienced camera owners wishing to understand the variety of modes and functions within their camera and find reading the manual to complicated. The workshop day is filled with practical tuition on camera handling skills, understanding the relationship with apertures, shutter speed and ISO for image capture, exposure compensator, white balance and the rules of composition. The course is conducted within the Harbour of Arbroath.

Basic Camera Handling Schedule

10:00. Meet and greet delegates and discuss learning objectives and experience.
10:25. Demonstrations and tuition on camera handling, fundamentals of exposure.
11:00. Camera functions and various modes explained.
12:00. Lunch.
12:45. Understanding image capture and rules of composition.
13:45. Portraits - using natural light, use of reflectors and built in flash lighting effects.
14:45. Understanding ISO, Aperture and shutter speed relationships and depth of field and white balance.
15:30. Landscapes - Learn the fundamentals on landscapes.
16:00. Course closure with re cap on points learnt and workshop wash up.

The course does not stop there, free on line help and constructive discussions are offered giving you critical evaluation on your future photography projects.
Students are advised to bring all their camera equipment, suitable DSLR camera, note pad and pen, warm clothing and an eagerness attitude for learning.

PORTRAIT WORKSHOP 8 November 2020 9 am - 3 pm Dundee Waterfront £155

This promises to be one of our best courses ever! The location offers many stunning backdrops and textures to use to enhance your Portrait photography skills.

Working with a model within the Dundee waterfront and V and A complex, we will set up a number of creative sets that will enhance your portfolio as well as build your knowledge with subject posing and how to correctly light your subject. The following tuition is given in short lessons:

Portrait Workshop Schedule

Lesson 1: The inverse square law – Understand light, power and distance.
Lesson 2: The equipment – Flashgun settings, controls, triggers and light modifiers
Lesson 3: The flashgun - Use the variety of modes augmented with ambient light
Lesson 4: Understand Flash sync speed
Lesson 5: Flash Exposure Compensator (FEC) explained
Lesson 6: Fill and Balanced flash with ambient and backlit subjects explained
Lesson 7: Position light for lighting effects and style
Lesson 8: Factors: understanding difficult lighting situations.
Lesson 9: Creative use of flash gun off camera for lighting effects.
Lesson 10: Subject posing Composition


Our photography workshops are open to anyone who wants to improve their own photography and learn more about their digital camera & flash photography. Our workshops offer developed learning instruction and practical lessons with a professional photographer by your side. So if you haven’t been on one of our photography workshops yet, take the plunge, you won’t regret it.

Each workshop is designed to your specific needs as a student whether you want to learn the basics of on camera flash photography or how to set up a multi-flash assignment. The one to one flash photography workshop is led by the needs of the student. Derek has many years of wedding, portrait and corporate photography experience and delivers tuition in an easy to understand method providing relevant information from that experience to the students so that they can go on and develop their own successful photography business.

Our workshops are suitable for all ages and can be held pretty much anywhere you chose. It is preferable that the student has at least a basic understanding of shutter speed and aperture. Because each session is designed to your needs no two sessions are ever the same.

We hold the One to One flash photography workshop in a variety of locations. We can teach from your home or at one of the tested locations in Arbroath and Dundee. If portrait and fashion are your interests, Derek can arrange for a model to be our subject, this is great if you want to build up your confidence of shooting environmental portraits and offers a wider variety of shooting environments for basic digital photography students.

Prior to the workshop we ask you to prepare a selection of your top 20 images to give us an idea of your ability at the start of the workshop. We are also able to give advise on streamlining your digital workflow and output.


Workshops: £155


Digital Camera
Flash guns
Choice of lens
Note pad and pen
Empty memory cards
Fully charged batteries
Outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear is required


If you would like to book one of our photography workshops then please email us. Please note that the workshop must be paid in full in advance to secure the booking.
For further information on the workshops and One to One training services from Derek Ramage Photography please use the contact form within the web site, outlining which course you are interested in and a short description of your experience and a contact phone number.

To make an enquiry or to book please use the contact form and inform me of what course you are interested in attending.

Contact Mobile: 07886230927 or Office 01241 829222